Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy Final Exam.

It’s awesome that you completed the programs at CSCH and we’re so excited for you and wish you lots of luck in successfully completing your exams.

You will have 3 hours to complete the exam. Don’t rush, take your time!

If you scheduled your exam with your instructor or a proctor, please follow protocol and clear your desk area. Put away all your binders, cell phone, paper etc. Make sure your desk is clear. The exam is a “closed book.” Have a quiet space with no distractions (no pets, no children, no people)

Module 1 and 2, will give you your marks immediately on submission. Modules 3 and 4 are manually graded by your instructor. You will receive your final marks 1-2 weeks after you submit your videos for the practical training and a final call is scheduled with your instructor.

Start with Exam Part 1 and only move on to the next module after you have completed the prior module as you will not be able to go back once you click on “submit” at the end of each module.

Instructions – Exam Part 1

Subject: Colon Hydrotherapy 101

Multiple choice/true or false (20 questions)

Instructions – Exam Part 2

Subject: Anatomy – Diagrams; Colon & Organs

  1. Fill in the names of the 10 areas on the Colon diagram.
  2. Fill in the names of the 10 areas on the Organs diagram.

Instructions – Exam Part 3

Subject: Client Intake & Recommendations

You are given three (3) real client intake forms and a recommendation form for each client. Review each intake form individually and then complete one recommendation form for each client.

Step 1 – Download and Save the completed forms to your computer.
Step 2 – Fill them out/highlight using PDF filler or Adobe
Step 3 – Upload the completed forms to the student exam portal.

  1. Client Intake Form
    Download, to your computer the following six (6) documents in PDF format:

    Client Intake Sample_Jenn | Jenn recommendations
    Client Intake Sample_Sergio | Sergio recommendations
    Client Intake Sample_Tashia | Tashia recommendations

    Use a YELLOW highlighter or PDF filler to highlight any pertinent issues that stand out as a potential trigger that may be contributing to the clients’ issues.

  2. Client Recommendations Sheet
    Complete one recommendation form for each client making suggestions for the following:
    1. Cleanse kit
    2. Supplements
    3. Water
    4. Colonic sessions

Instructions – Exam Part 4

Subject: Hands on Practical Session 
Step 1 – Record your entire session with the client in four (4) separate videos showing each step of the process from the time the client enters the room to the time they leave, recording everything you do and say. The four (4) topics for submission are listed below:

Video # 1 – Intake & Instruction
Video # 2 – Practical Session
Video # 3 – Closing Remarks & Recommendations.
Video # 4 – Clean-up

Step 2 – Upload your 4 videos separately to Google Drive and share the link in the portal for access.

Upload video # 1
Upload video # 2
Upload video # 3
Upload video # 4

Step 3 – Schedule a conference call with your instructor to view and critique your videos together.