Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A.

It is with great pleasure that I provide the Canadian School of Colonic Hydrotherapy offered by Mary Taylor a testimonial letter of reference for any person or persons considering a career in this field.

You will walk away feeling confident and knowledgeable, well informed and inspired! The classroom was “cafe style” small and intimate, pristine actually – with all students engaged along with the instructor. It felt personal and one on one. With every turn of a page, you had a true understanding/clarity of the contents. You will experience the clinical as well, with one another and with real clients. Mary Taylor is highly knowledgeable in this field, with a fantastic delivery method. Her course, accommodations and colonic center are incredible! You will not be disappointed – perhaps only disappointed in that you have to leave 😊

My motto has always been, “It’s good to be American, we have choices”! In America if you don’t like something, go down the street, there’s always another choice! I can now say, “I’m American, it’s great to have choices, and I chose the Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy offered by Mary Taylor! Guaranteed satisfaction! Thank you, Mary!