Students in the Colonic Course Program will learn on 2 types of systems. The newest is the State-of-the-Art latest technology!


The Woods Gravity Method is the original method of Colon Hydrotherapy. Dr. Wood ran a school of Colon Hydrotherapy in Gary Indiana when he developed the simple gravity system for Colon Hydrotherapy. He lived to nearly 90 years old.

The system uses a large 5-gallon jug of filtered water placed approximately 3 feet above the treatment table and is refilled anywhere from 4-6 times during a session. This system uses gravity instead of machines and electricity.

The gravity method is considered a “closed” system which means that the waste being eliminated is not accessible but eliminated through a closed hose and the waste goes directly into a plumbing system and down the sanitary drain that is like your toilet waste.
It is a manual therapy that allows for the water to flow into your body and simultaneously exit, with a slightly uncomfortable feeling like when one has a bowel movement. The therapist controls all aspects while using this device.

NOTE: This system does not use electricity or temperature gauges to regulate the water or filtration system, or back flow valves. A temperature gauge, filtration system, and back flow valve should all be installed separately.

AQUANET EC-2000 (Pressure & Gravity)

The Aquanet EC-2000 is the world’s only dual mode gravity and pressure machine giving you industry leading flow rates with maximum client safety.

  • Gravity mode: gently pressure for sensitive clients
  • Pressure mode: vigorous flow for fast emptying
  • Live switching: instantly switch between modes at any time

This system has safety, disinfection and filtration system all included. The waste pathway and the water intake pathway is quickly disinfected after each session. The Triple Water Treatment includes Ultra-Violet Treatment, 5-micron sediment filters and Activated Carbon filters.

Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST) limits colon pressure to ensure the safest most effective treatments possible. The unique client safety technology limits pressure in the colon to the safe limit set by the FDA of 2psi. APST limits colon pressure to the maximum FDA safe limit of 2psi while still giving you the highest flow rates possible – in other words: industry leading flow rates with maximum client safety.

The large flow meter shows the client flow rate instantly while the responsive flow control gives you infinite control over the flow rate. Combined with APST means you can maximize flow rate with safety in mind.